PartnerBadge-HorizontalWe are delighted to be part of a select group of agencies that have Google Partner status in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

The Google Partner program is designed to help businesses find a trusted and professional agency to manage their online marketing.

The Google Partner badge recognises companies who are trusted by Google and demonstrate advanced knowledge, expertise and experience. As a Google Partner we stay up to date with the latest Google tools and products, have access to the latest Google training and demonstrate our overall knowledge by passing Google Adwords certification exams every 12 months and Google Analytics certification exams every 18 months.

Our official Google Partner Company status means we can offer the best possible service for our clients and continue building effective marketing solutions.

Clarity Marketing has achieved the Google Partner status by completing the following requirements:

Company Profile Manage an established Google Partner company profile with the necessary information to be listed on Google Partner Search.

Certification Become a certified expert in Advanced Google knowledge with the latest training in Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Spend Meet the spend requirement across all client accounts to demonstrate a healthy amount of activity and experience.

Best Practices Implement the industry recommended best practices to manage client’s campaigns while maximising their performance.

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