Not all marketing efforts aim to get new clients on board. E-alerts and E-newsletters are a form of digital communication which can help you stay in touch with past or existing customers.

An E-newsletter is very similar to a newsletter. It is a periodic publication that aims to inform customers of any new information, changes, updates etc., which your business has experienced. It is also a way to keep in touch with your customers and remind them that you are around.

The only difference is in the mode of distribution. While traditional newsletters are mailed to the recipients or distributed in person, e-newsletters are distributed exclusively online. They are often included in the body of an email message or as a link in an email which directs the recipient to a website.

E-alerts, similar to E-newsletters, are emails which act to inform your customers of any updates to the business.  However these emails are often quick and simple news updates; significantly shorter than E-newsletters, that aren’t necessarily sent in any particular schedule.

Similarly, SMS Blasts can be used to quick and easily alert customers of new updates. SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to the cost efficiency of text messaging and the instancy of delivery.

We can help you create informative and precise E-newsletters and E-alerts to send to your customers. With the right resources, we can help you can keep in touch with and retain your customers.

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