Graphic design is a complex skill that combines art, science and technology to communicate ideas.

When executed well, graphic design can convey complex concepts and information. It can determine whether people understand and take notice of your message.

Graphic designers work with illustrated, painted, photographed, or computer-generated images. They create and select fonts, icons and colour palettes and carefully place each item to ensure that the communication objective of each project is achieved.

In marketing, graphic design is often used to support written content and to add to the appeal of promotional materials. Frequent uses of graphic design include; logos and branding, web sites, printed collateral and advertisements as well as signage and uniforms.

One of the key areas that graphic design can be used is in the development of a company brand. Brands are images, fonts, names or symbols which are used to identify a company. The elements of these items evoke feelings, emotions and thoughts about a company. For this purpose the development and professional design of a brand’s symbols is imperative. The design must capture the entire essence of the company.

Here at Clarity Marketing & Communications we have the resources and knowledge to help you with all of your graphic design needs. With the latest design software and a wealth of experience, we can create a wide range of materials for various marketing purposes.

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