We offer a broad range of services from the development of strategic marketing plans through to the design and implementation of specific marketing and communication tools.

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arrow-33-xxl Strategic Marketing & Communication Planning An effective marketing and communications strategy begins with understanding what it is that we are marketing; what your company has to offer and the ‘message’ you would like to convey to your potential customers. From this, we can then develop a strategy that will best communicate your product and message to potential and existing customers. Continue reading→
arrow-33-xxl Corporate Identity More than just a logo, a corporate identity is the persona of your business. It is a company’s personality, designed to convey what an organisation is all about and what it has to offer its customers. Continue reading→
arrow-33-xxl Online Marketing The process of creating an effective marketing strategy is progressively becoming more complex as further marketing activities shift online and to the Internet. This has made it even more important to understand who your customers are and the most effective ways of reaching them. Continue reading→
arrow-33-xxl Google Adwords and Analytics We are delighted to be part of a select group of agencies that have Google Partner status in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. The Google Partner program is designed to help businesses find a trusted and professional agency to manage their online marketing. Continue reading→
arrow-33-xxl Copywriting If good design captures a reader’s attention, then good writing sustains it. Copywriting is a marketing tool which involves using words to promote a business, product, service or idea. When executed well it will capture your audience’s interest, appeal to their emotion and evoke a specific action or reaction. Continue reading→
arrow-33-xxl Graphic Design Graphic design is a complex skill that combines art, science and technology to communicate ideas. When executed well, graphic design can convey complex concepts and information. Continue reading→
arrow-33-xxl Public Relations In today’s business environment, companies need to have a competitive edge that makes them more appealing and interesting to both the public and the media. Public Relations (PR) is a field of marketing communications which concentrates on developing and maintaining a public image. Smart organisations have initiatives in place to encourage, maintain or restore their image in the public eye. Continue reading→
arrow-33-xxl Event Management Strategically planned events are a great way to bring people together and allow organisations to communicate important ideas and messages directly with key stakeholders including customers, industry leaders and media representatives. This opportunity for face to face communication provides intimacy and immediacy and encourages open discussion as well as relationship building and image molding. Continue reading→

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