New Years Marketing Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t always have to be for your personal life, your small business or marketing team can really benefit from setting professional goals for the year ahead. The new year of 2017 should mean new business goals, marketing plans, metrics and strategies to achieve your objectives. Here are five goals you should consider to help you improve your marketing in the New Year.

  1. Review your KPIs
    The end of the year is a great time to revise your results from the past year to determine which areas of your business need improving. Identify what could have been accomplished better, which tactics your team struggled with the most and work on strategies to improve this year. Also assess whether you need to measure any additional KPIs for the New Year, if you have invested in new marketing channels.
  1. Focus on Customers
    Marketing is not only about appealing to new customers, keeping your current customers loyal is most valuable. Strive to grow loyal customers who will tell others about your business and increase word-of-mouth marketing. Focus on personalisation and producing relevant content to build relationships with customers and keep them engaged.
  1. Adjust your Social Media Goals
    Analyse your metrics, find your best posts and set up some strategies for your social media accounts for the New Year. Create a list of tasks that will need to be completed in order to achieve these goals. Ensure you refine your most valuable platforms before investing your efforts in any new channels that may arise in the New Year.
  1. Decide on Seasonal Promotions
    Seasonal marketing campaigns generally require more planning as it is a vital time for sales. Start planning early so you have time to evaluate your options for maximising sales and sustain your business throughout the New Year.
  1. Drive Awareness and Engagement
    If your business has a blog, try and build an audience on relevant social media accounts so you can promote your blog content on these channels and drive traffic to your website. Fine-tune your content marketing to fuel engagement with your brand.

The benefits your business can achieve by setting new goals should inspire you to keep these resolutions and improve your marketing in 2017. If you need assistance with your marketing strategy this year, Clarity Marketing and Communication can help. Clarity will work with you to help you achieve your business goals with maximum impact. Contact us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.