How to Plan your Businesses Blog Content for 2018

There is no better time than the present to create an impactful content marketing plan for your business’ blog. We know planning is easier said than done but studies show that businesses that develop a written plan have a major advantage separating businesses that succeed and businesses that fail. Below is a compilation of tips, which will help to plan your businesses blog content.

Create a Plan

Creating a blog content strategy is about knowing which content will yield the greatest returns for your business. Your plan needs to create content that will convert greater leads and sales by:

  1. Get to know your target audience to create a clear focus on what to write
  2. Research relevant keywords and include high ranked keywords in your blog to boost traffic that people will easily find through online search engines
  3. Plan blog content topics that are relevant to your target audience and prioritise topics that will generate the most conversions and sales
  4. Post at your target audience’s peak time. Develop a day in the life of your target audience and research online when this group views content the most and on what interface for your blog content to research the most traffic.

An effective plan will generate traffic and create opportunities for readers to make purchases.

Set Goals

Make your blog content goal orientated to ensure each piece of content is serving a purpose whether it is leads, conversions or sales. If blog content is written without a plan it is unlikely to receive any results. For example, if your goal is to gain more subscribers your blog content needs to be persuasive to showcase the positives of what your are offering and include a competition or free download to make the offer irresistible to readers.

Valuable Content

Viewers want to click on your latest blog only if it is of value to them. People want more from their online experience, so ensure your content is relatable to your target audience. Content needs to be focused on answering any questions your target audience may ask, providing the best guidance and building a relationship for viewers to continuing reading and revisiting your blog. By building a relationship readers will begin to know your business, trust and rely on your recommendations.

Adjust Old Blogs

Transform your older blog posts to boost conversions. Edit older blog content that receives traffic but does not have a lot of conversions with new information on the blog topic. Remove content that is not relevant and update with new statistics, images, tips, call to actions and links to remain relevant.

Creating a plan for your blog content will ease the pressure of major deadlines and allow leeway to boost leads and conversions when results vary. Seasonally, go through your blog content and review what topics received the greatest results and recycle the topic with new information to continue gaining positive outcomes.

By using our blog content planning ideas you will be able to create valuable content that will grow your audience and generate conversions for your business.