The Power of User-Generated Content

Let your customers do the talking for your brand and boost engagement by posting user-generated content in your social media campaigns. User-generated content refers to any images, posts, tweets, videos or testimonials where the consumer is sharing the brand by their own choice instead of the brand posting the message itself. It is a powerful tool, as most consumers trust a brand’s consumers experience rather than direct messages from the brand itself.

As the social media world is getting larger and consumer attention spans are getting shorter, brands need to cater to their customer’s needs and keep up with the fast-paced, changing social trends in order to keep interest in their brand.

Many customers don’t trust marketers messages and would rather turn to testimonials and interact with other fans of the brand and have confidence in their recommendations. This is why many consumers turn to YouTube reviews and other platforms to seek authentic advice on products rather than branded content.

Due to the rise in use of smart phones, user-generated content is readily available on social media as individuals are posting more and more images on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Looking for advocates of your brand is very easy and using their content can help to inspire other social users and push them towards buying your product or becoming interested in your services. The rise in online shopping means brands must find new ways to push their offerings more effectively and seeing a product worn or used by a ‘real person’ is becoming more successful as a marketing tool and source of inspiration.

Cost Effective
User-generated content is a very cost effective marketing tool and you can encourage your customers to post by using hashtags, competitions or campaigns and build a strong community surrounding your brand.

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