Public Relations in the digital age

Public Relations (PR) is a field of marketing communications which concentrates on developing and maintaining a public image. Smart organisations have initiatives in place to encourage, maintain or restore their image in the public eye. In the past, creating a new PR campaign meant going through the traditional PR channels of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. The internet has vastly changed the way information is sought after and received – effectively changing the traditional PR channels and messages.

Now with the help of the internet and social media, companies are able to track, monitor and manage your own fans and followers for return on investment (ROI). Companies are able to interact directly with their target audience. PR through social media allows a two-way conversation between both the companies and their customers, which can provide valuable insights on how products and services can be tailored to suit specific target markets.

The internet allows you to clearly track online PR campaigns and see which online media coverage or advertising resulted in the most click-throughs to your website. Results can be measured across different campaigns and see which channel was most effective at engaging your audience and delivering you message.

So exactly how has public relations changed in the digital years? PR’s main function is still to protect and enhance reputations and brand image. It’s still incorporates quality writing and strong media relations and tailoring to specific media channels. The change is that there are now more channels to communicate with your target audience and better tracking of your ROI and importantly, your audience are now available to voice their opinions – whether good or bad – on a global scale.

Establishing rapport and raising and maintaining an organisation’s public profile is an essential component of all marketing and communication strategies. Here at Clarity Marketing & Communications we can make sure your company is supplied with a wealth of advice on public relations. Our experienced team will ensure your public profile is well managed and has a positive impact on your business. For further information on what Clarity has to offer your business contact us or call Deborah on +61 411 139 881 or email