4 Reasons Why your Enewsletter Failed

You’ve spent hours designing your enewsletter, writing your copy and choosing your images, yet still struggle to generate traffic and reach your goal CTR. It can be hard to navigate the constantly changing email marketing world and there are often many things you are told you should be doing, but not what you shouldn’t be doing. Make sure you aren’t making any of these email marketing mistakes below.

  1. You have set the Wrong Schedule
    You could be either sending too many enewsletters or not enough. Create a schedule so your readers know when to expect your emails and can become accustomed to seeing your enewsletter in their inbox. On the other hand, if you aren’t mailing your customers regularly, the strong relationships you have built with them may start to fade.
  1. Your List didn’t actually Subscribe
    Creating a list without qualified leads is setting yourself up for failure. One of the main reasons why enewsletters fail is because the reader didn’t ask for it to be sent. Permission based subscribers are the most valuable as they are truly interested in your products or services and this tactic helps to build credible relationships with customers. Unwanted email can create a negative impression on your brand.
  1. Your aren’t Segmenting your List
    List segmentation is a vital part of email marketing as not all of your subscribers have the same buying behaviour or are at the same stage of the buying cycle. Sending them all the same broad marketing message won’t be as effective as a targeted email with content which addresses their individual needs. Also try sending your new subscribers a welcome email introducing them to your business before they start to receive your normal weekly newsletter.
  1. You aren’t Personalising your Messages
    Email marketing programs feature tools which allow you to easily personalise your enewsletters to grab your reader’s attention. These days subscribers expect businesses to better use the information they receive to target them. Use dynamic personalisation in your content to add a competitive edge to your enewsletter.

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