How to Create Successful Infographics

Infographics have become extremely important to many digital marketers, as 40% of people will respond better to visual information rather than plain text (Web Marketing Group). Successful infographics can draw new visitors and keep them on your website, increase social media reach and add expert authority to your brand. Before you go ahead and produce multiple infographics for your content strategy, think about how you can help your readers and provide useful industry advice with these infographic tips.

  1. Keep it Simple and Focused
    Typically, successful infographics have a specific topic in focus to remain concise. Get straight to the point with simple but effective graphics and charts along with a killer headline.
  1. Create a Flow
    A good infographic tells a streamlined story, guides the reader through the image and flows both visually and cognitively. Don’t forget a punch line at the end to conclude your brand’s message.
  1. Compare and Contrast
    Comparing two conflicting ideas is a great way to visually get your point of view across. Placing two concepts side by side will quickly highlight the differences and enable your reader to visually learn much faster.
  1. Add White Space
    A common pitfall of creating infographics is text and colour overload. Any graphic designer will recommend a good balance of visual elements with negative space to keep your reader from becoming overwhelmed. Keep to a simple colour scheme and bump up the contrast on important elements.
  1. Include your References
    Ensure you use up to date sources and include them either throughout the body of your graphic or at the end so they don’t distract from the flow of your message.
  1. Promote your Hard Work
    The most important part of creating a successful infographic is what you do after you design it. Promote your infographic alongside an informative blog article providing background information to trigger some search engine traffic and make it shareable with social plugins.

We hope these tips help you to improve your infographics and make your data more relatable to readers. Here at Clarity Marketing we can help develop and maintain a content marketing strategy that is right for you and your business. To find out more give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.