How to Gain Valuable Referrals from Word of Mouth Marketing?


Marketers place their focus on referral systems through social media platforms and websites, believing this is the easiest way to reach out to potential customers to create leads and conversions. Though, valuable leads are not always reached through this tactic. More emphasis is being placed on word-of-mouth tactics. As a study by Ogilvy found the number one influence decision by consumers is placed on word of mouth to make their purchase.

If you have a quality product or brand, it is likely your customers are already spreading word about it. But you want to refine that to gain valuable referrals rather than a few false leads.

Such a vast amount of data is at our fingertips. Though many can be confused or overwhelmed by the amount of information at hand and studies show many continue to opt to hear opinions from people they know. Word of Mouth referrals are not only being used in the traditional sense. Rather than just suggesting a store/product/brand to an acquaintance, marketers are using it through social media and emails where customers can receive a discount or free products if they refer a friend. It seems simple right? It is. Follow the steps below to initiate word of mouth marketing for your business.

How to Crack the Word of Mouth Referral System

  1. Identify your main goal. This could be anything from increasing leads to more conversions. Being clear on what action you want your existing customers to take will make it easier for you to identify the word of mouth strategies to have.
  2. Talk to your customer. The easiest way – depending on what type of business you have- is to either talk to loyal returning customers or to conduct surveys to discover why they love your product/brand and why they keep returning. Gaining insight is key to pinpointing potential customer’s desires to refine your tactics.
  3. Remember a customer’s experience is greatly valued. Your tactics should be based around your quality of product and good customer service. If you don’t have these vital elements you are wasting your time.
  4. Place an incentive for customers. What speaks to most people is saving money or time. Sometimes all they need is a nudge to buy more if they save when they refer a friend. Some ideas include receiving discounts, two people can sign up for the price of one and receive a month free on subscription.
  5. Implementation is made simple with the correct tools on hand. One of the largest, easiest and well known implementer tools of referral marketing is referral candy. The tool is easy to personalise and cheap to use.

Finally, remember to focus on customer’s desires and rely heavily on rewarding them. Here at Clarity Marketing and Communication, we can develop ways to incorporate word of mouth referrals for your business to achieve its goals. To learn more, contact our experienced marketers on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.