How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Unless you’re a musician, reality star or celebrity it can be difficult to gain a mass following on any social media platform. However with a clear social media strategy, your business can benefit from Instagram’s highly targeted, visual channel for your business and gain followers.

What is instagram?

Instagram is an ever-expanding social media platform, which allows users to post pictures and videos. The sharing nature of this platform makes these features advantageous for your business to share more than just your product or service. Instagram is easy to use and works well with other social media platforms.

How can it help your business?

This platform benefits businesses by generating new business opportunities through exposure. It has the ability to humanise your brand by showing followers your product and company culture, and creating a loyal community of followers. Below we have outlined just 3 quick tips on how to increase your Instagram followers;

  1. Share yourself:

Share your business. Create a clear and appealing profile, with a username that is easy to find. Your profile picture should align with your business so using your company logo is favourable. In your bio, a link to your website is essential for users to interact and see what you offer.

  1. Numbers: Quality over Quantity

Never pay for followers. They serve no purpose for your business and will never create quality leads. You are better served to spend your resources creating great content that resonates with your target audience than have a mass of disengaged followers.

  1. Creative & Engaging Content

The Key is to be clever with posts. Don’t just post for the sake of it. Publish items that will reach consumers and make them want to engage and share. User engagement is your number one goal. By adding your company personality, interactive captions and hash tags will boost user engagement. Find ways for your audience to get involved, for example, when Oreos posted: “See the world through our Oreo Wonderfilled lens” they added, “Show us your #wonderfilled lens.” This caption encourages the audience to interact with a succinct but clear call to action.

Instagram is a powerful tool that can boost your brand awareness if used correctly. Use Instagram Business Analytics to monitor if posts are reaching their targets.

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