3 Big Benefits Businesses Can Get From Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular online photo-sharing platforms enabling you to share photos and short video content to your followers. As Instagram continues to grow with over 200 million active users, it becomes more and more influential for your business. Below are 3 big benefits your business can gain by sharing visual content on Instagram.

As Instagram is a visual social media platform, it is the ultimate opportunity to promote your products to your followers and stimulate purchase decisions. The photo filters and editing options allow you to be creative and increase the attention of users to your photo. Showcase a preview of a new collection or share high quality photo updates of the latest products providing links and a call to action to drive purchase intention. Hash tags will increase the searchability of your content which will increase your exposure to a larger audience.

Website Traffic
Instagram can help you meet your business goals as a powerful source to drive traffic to your website. On Instagram, the bio is the only place you can add a clickable link, therefore you will need to frequently direct people to this link to increase traffic to your website. Regularly mention your site in your post comments and use hash tags appropriate to your business industry every time you upload content. Posting photos which direct viewers back to a relevant page on your website to view more details is also a great way to drive traffic from Instagram users.

Connecting with customers via Instagram can help build brand awareness and in turn, increase conversion rates. Build a relationship with your followers and increase engagement by regularly posting visual content. Once you have built trust and confidence in your brand, you can then run Instagram photo contests or marketing campaigns that can convert viewers into customers. You can also boost a measureable percentage of conversion rates by offering exclusive offers, discount codes and sales through your Instagram content.

Instagram is a powerful way to communicate visually with your customers and market your services.

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