10 Inexpensive Ways to Advertise for Your Small Business

Promoting your small business doesn’t need to be expensive, it is all about choosing to invest in the right kind of advertising. There are many effective ways to boost your exposure on a budget. Here are 10 low-cost marketing strategies to promote your business, engage customers and build your brand.

  1. Local Listings
    A commonly missed step for new businesses is signing up for free services like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local and True Local. This allows your business to show up on heavily used search engines so that people can find your business location on the internet. Make sure your information is accurate and includes your contact details, website and business hours to take full advantage of this free service.
  2. Facebook Ads
    Facebook Ads allow you to target specific demographics which lets you focus on target audiences who may not know about your business and acquires more value for your money.
  3. Email Newsletters
    Create an opt-in email list allowing people to request regular updates about your business. Email newsletters are a great way to keep in contact and communicate with your customers.
  4. Online Forums
    Online forums are a space which connects customers and businesses with a common interest. Participating in online forums relating to your field of business can help to increase your exposure and acquire more business.
  5. Create Valuable Online Content
    Write online articles relating to your services to demonstrate your expertise and show customers that you can solve their problem. Article topics can include helpful strategies or expert tips and advice. This is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your field, and this helpful information will keep your customers coming back to your website.
  6. Social Media
    Set up a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus page for your business. Sharing, posting and updating your page regularly can drive traffic to your website, increase your exposure and build relationships with your customers. Make sure you research which social media platform is right for your business and your customers.
  7. Pay Per Click Marketing
    Boost traffic to your website by using a form of Pay Per Click advertising such as Google Adwords. The advantage of pay per click advertising is you can select where, when and how frequently your ad will appear and you are only required to pay when the ad is clicked.
  8. Merchandising Materials
    A smart way to advertise your business is to include your brand and contact details on all office stationary, letterheads, business cards, flyers and brochures. Giving away branded merchandise to customers who regularly use stationary will increase the chance of them remembering your company.
  9. LinkedIn Ads
    LinkedIn is a thriving platform for business professionals and in turn, is a great opportunity for B2B companies to target ads to specific audiences.
  10. Classified Ads
    Many new businesses commonly misuse this tool, promoting large ads in fewer places rather than smaller ads over a larger variety of media. The ad should be clear, straight to the point and include your phone number or website for viewers to access more information about your business.

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