Tips for Content Optimisation

Content marketing is a valuable online marketing strategy; content optimization can help to increase leads and conversions, online visibility and search ranking, in turn, increasing the opportunity for more business. Here are some ways you can evaluate and grow your content marketing skills to optimise your online content, ensuring customers can find your website.

Using keywords in your online content increase the ranking of your website in search engines as long as it is not excessive. Participate in keyword research to ensure the keywords you are using are relevant to your business, are in line with your content strategy and have high search popularity. Using the right keywords you will increase the visibility of your content and drive more traffic to your website.

Link Building
Using internal linking in your content from one of your online content pages to another can help to improve search ranking and increase exposure. Search engines will see the links you have included add value to your content and determine that your website is credible, improving your search ranking. Including links in your online content to other relevant pages of your site will ensure that visitors will stay on your site for longer and find other valuable content which they may share.

Sharing Options
The most valuable viewers of online content are those who share your content. Ensure social sharing buttons for a variety of social media platforms and sharing channels are featured to increase attraction to your website. Displaying a counter that tallies the number of shares across each channel which will add credibility to the content as audiences will pay more attention to content with a large number of shares.

Lastly, it is important to measure the success of your content marketing campaigns in order to know what you are doing wrong and improve your online visibility. Regular content audits should observe conversion rates, the time viewers spend on the page and if they follow your call to action and the loyalty of your subscribers. Uncover any issues and adjust your content according to your results to continually attract potential prospects.

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