How to Maintain Your Brand Identity Even When You Don’t Think You Have One

Successful brand management is not an overnight gig. Much like a fine blend of your favourite, it takes time and a little persistence to perfect. And, if you are already putting it out there online, you have begun creating your brand. 

So, what is the secret to good brand management? When should you get started?

In a marketing landscape now so reliant on 24/7 customer interaction with online conveniences like social media, quality brand management is vital. And, it starts now! The secret behind effective brand management – relevance and consistency.

Consistency and relevance are integral for brand management success but are often the most overlooked aspects of marketing. Brands are getting so tied up in statistics, reports and analytics that they are forgetting about these basics.

Relevant, consistent, fruitful brand management must rely on key factors that foster recognition, perception and loyalty. Regardless of how fast technology and online marketing trends change, and how fast the Jones’ have adopted those, we must not allow ourselves to get caught in the tailspin or sucked into the vortex before we ready ourselves.

Tangible results rely on strong consistent efforts. How are your brand management efforts measuring up to the following?


What drives you?

Remembering back to when you started your business. What was the spark that drove you? Was it an interest, a passion or a vision – typical driving forces behind a brand.

Those original ideas and values can be re-articulated and innovated over time to remain relevant. We have seen this perfectly executed by one of the most successful entertainment agencies in the world; The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney and his disciples have reinvented, reinvigorated and remastered magic seamlessly for almost 100 years. Passion drove the ship at humble beginnings and vision now takes the helm in modern times. People around the world recognise the Disney name with happiness and wholesome values sprinkled with magic dust.

Brands like Disney sustain consistent values, vision and mission. Their style of advertising has never faltered and their advertising campaigns remain on-trend and on-par with their brand. A brand created way back in the 1920’s. The core that still drives the company today, that does not allow innovation to interfere, and their reason for being so successful.


Stay on the right track

Like we mentioned earlier, it is important not to get too caught up in what others are doing. The real challenge lies in remaining relevant without wavering too far off track. When you do feel like changing it up a bit, following are some quick tips to help keep you on track.

  1. Measure and re-focus

Measure your efforts regularly to check how your campaigns are faring. Make use of reports offered through tools like Google Analytics to check on stats and ROI. Remember to set up processes and accountability for productivity.

Feedback is extremely valuable and should be encouraged. However, value feedback as an initial chance to tweak the engine, not undertake a complete oil change.

  1. Break up your challenges

Consistency on a larger scale is more effectively achieved through meeting smaller challenges. Break any larger goals into smaller, more tangible chunks. Drive consistency through these smaller puzzle pieces which make up the masterplan; product experience, retail experience, customer satisfaction, visual design, etc.

  1. Engage and involve your employees

Brand management has as much to do with the interior as well as the exterior. Instilling your mission and vision into your staff means they get a better understanding of why they do what they do, not just how to do it. This helps to create a sense of responsibility from those who are relied upon to deliver your brand message.


Maintaining a healthy brand identity is about getting back to basics. Focus on the core mission and vision and empower others to be innovative only when you have a clear path on where your brand is headed.

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