9 Apps every Marketing Professional Should Download

As a marketer’s role has dramatically changed in the online space over the years, there are many new apps to help you keep on top of your brand and simplify your marketing efforts. Here are 9 apps every marketing professional should download.

  1. Dropbox
    Dropbox is a very popular way to share files, store data and sync documents across devices. Access your data at any time and share folders with your colleagues.
  1. Hootsuite
    Hootsuite is a social media scheduling software with an analytics tool. It allows you to track and analyse multiple social media platforms and schedule posts.
  1. Mention
    A great way to keep track of what is being said about your brand is with Mention. Join in on conversations, identify influencers and analyse your performance anywhere on social media and the web.
  1. Trello
    The ultimate to-do list app, helping you keep track of everything you need to do, syncing across all of your devices.
  1. EveryoneSocial
    If you have a large team of employees, EveryoneSocial allows them to easily become brand advocates and influencers for your business. They can quickly share and re-share your brand’s content on their personal accounts to help amplify its visibility.
  1. Mashable
    Mashable delivers the latest news on digital marketing and innovations including social media, mobile and viral information.
  1. Open Site Explorer
    Analyse every link on your website to help improve your search engine visibility and search rankings with Open Site Explorer, a Moz tool.
  1. Evernote
    If you work across a range of devices such as your mobile, iPad and laptop, Evernote can instantly sync your data across all of your devices so you can take notes while on the go and have them ready synced on your laptop by the time you arrive.
  1. Dashboard
    Connect your Google analytics account with Dashboard to see real-time data for your website. Dashboard allows you to analyse key performance indicators and watch your real-time visitors all from one interface.

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