How to Write Powerful Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are one of the first impressions you have on your readers and are a vital component of your email marketing campaign. Be careful as your emails could be sent straight to the trash can or spam folder if they aren’t compelling enough to get a click through. The best subject lines are short, straight to the point and provide a reason for your subscriber to open your email. Find out how you can make your email subject line stand out below.

Place the most important words first – As a large proportion of emails are opened on a mobile device, it is important that the most vital part of your subject lines are placed at the start. This will ensure important details won’t get cut off your reader’s screen and will catch their eye before they press the delete button.

Use Negative Adjectives – With email marketing, your goal is to stand out in your subscriber’s crowded inbox and you may find that many people are sick of positive, cliché adjectives like ‘best ways to…’. Change it up by testing out negative adverbs in your subject lines such as ’10 mistakes marketers make…’ and include some problem-solving content in your email.

Get rid of any dull details – Email subject lines that include words like ‘Daily News’ and ‘Weekly Ealert’ with long titles can start to become boring to your readers. Create a sense of excitement and spontaneity in your subject lines to encourage your target audience to open.

 Try personalisation – Target your email list by including personalised elements in your subject line. Simply tailor emails by including your client’s name to make them feel like the email was written especially for them. Also try other personalisation elements such as location to build a connection and increase your click through rate.

Set a deadline – If you have an offer available, create a sense of urgency by limiting the timeframe with actionable language such as ‘today only’ or ‘last chance offer’ to grab your audience’s attention. This will encourage your audience to act now rather than put it off until later when they are likely to forget.

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