Update your Email Marketing Strategy with this Technique

Dynamic content is email marketing’s secret weapon, allowing you to personalise customer’s online experience with your brand and stand out amongst a crowded inbox. According to a study by VentureBeat, email currently has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. As getting your audience’s attention via email is becoming more challenging than ever, find out how to evolve your email marketing strategy with dynamic content.

The Future of Personalisation
The trick to getting the most out of your email marketing is dynamic content, which enables you to send diverse messages to different segments based on what you know about them. This can be any information based on demographics, past behaviour, location, interests, preferences or purchased products. Dynamic content allows you to send relevant information with personalised messages to the right audience and is a must if you want your business to be competitive.

Use dynamic email content to:
– Add a competitive edge to your emails
– Increase your click-through rates
– Improve conversions
– Boost customer loyalty

Basic personalisation of email content such as including your subscribers name in the subject line or email content but you can go one step further to get your audience’s attention.

Use Real-time Data
Google display ads which use real-time data based on your recent searches and visited webpages is the perfect example of successful dynamic content. Make the most out of dynamic email marketing with event driven emails including abandoned shopping cart reminders or using data such as popular or in-season products. For example, an online fashion retailer could send out an email based on their past purchasing habits, current items in their shopping cart or suggest popular clothing items to purchase based on the current weather in their location. By collecting the right data, you can personalise your emails and be well on the way to increasing your email open and click through rates.

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