Building your Email List the Right Way

Email marketing is great because it is easily customisable, personal and it works! According to a Duct Tape survey, last year 44% of email recipients admitted to making a purchase based on promotional emails they received. We are always looking for ways to increase our database, here’s 5 ways to help you build your list the right way.

  1. Coupons. Set coupons up on your website, which can be obtained by viewers once they have submitted their email address. People love coupons and discounts, and this is relatively cheap for you.
  2. Contests. This can work similar to the coupons. Run a competition, and make one of the requirements that they have to enter their email address. A great way to run competitions is through social media. You can have photo competitions, ask trivia questions or have a writing competition all through social media.
  3. Lead pages. There are many programs you can use to easily create lead pages for your website. A lead page is a landing page which consists of a form, video and any other relevant information. You can offer product catalogues, a free eBook, free webinars, how to guides and much more to be sent directly to their inbox. The information of this giveaway would be on your lead page and in order to get this free bonus all they have to do is enter their email address and click on the submit button. Once this has been done, you will be notified and you can set up automated personalised emails to be sent as follow up.
  4. Free Quote. Include on your website a form for a ‘Free Quote Request’. This form can include name, email address and brief description of job. This will hopefully get more people asking for quotes, while obtaining email addresses of people who are interested in your product or service.
  5. Pre-launch Engagement. If you are in the first stages of starting a business, consider running a pre-launch. Get a ‘coming soon’ page on your website, and offer sneak-peaks and special deals to people who sign up in the pre-launch period. You could then tailor your emails with these special deals inside and start marketing some of your best products to get people interested.

Building your email list is so important to every business today, although sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ways of obtaining new leads. Try one or all five of these tactics on your website to see your email list grow.

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