What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to technology that allows businesses to more effectively market on multiple online channels such as email, social media, websites etc. The automation technology allows you to automate repetitive tasks and efficiently deliver engaging content, with the aim to turn prospects into customers. So do you need marketing automation for your business? Read on to find out!

Marketing automation doesn’t create content for you, it just automates it. So if you are producing great content and want something to help you distribute it, then marketing automation is perfect for you. Benefits of marketing automation can be seen in content and email marketing as well as lead nurturing.

Content Marketing – Consumers respond to engaging, informative content that is relevant to them. By constantly distributing content that engages your audience, you are satisfying their thirst for knowledge whilst building a relationship with them, which ideally drives them closer to a sale. Marketing automation is great for this because your engaging content can be delivered more efficiently and more regularly to stay top of mind.

Email Marketing – If you already use email marketing for your business, marketing automation can enhance the results. Marketing automation can be used to disburse a number of follow up actions from an email, based on how a person (lead) interacts with the original email. For example if someone clicks a certain link or button in the email, you can automate follow up emails relating to the content they showed an interest in.

Lead Nurturing – Through educating and staying on the top of the minds of your prospective clients, allow you to turn cold leads into added revenue. Lead nurturing can be anything from sending personalised happy birthday messages to reengagement campaigns. These can be automated through certain programs to make sure that things such as birthdays are never missed.

A few helpful automation tools are TweetAdder, Dlvr.it, AWeber and Zapier.
Marketing automation is so helpful in today’s fast paced online environment. It can not only save you time, but can potentially increase conversion and your relationship with clients.

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