Marketing Mistakes you should be avoiding this Year

For many small business owners, keeping track of everything from paperwork to financial records and client needs can detract you from keeping on top of your marketing efforts and testing out growing trends to promote your business. To help you stay on track of your marketing to avoid sabotaging your success, here are some marketing mistakes you should be avoiding.

  1. Not having a marketing budget
    Neglecting to define a marketing budget increases your chances of accidentally overspending on low-priority marketing activities with little return on investment. It is crucial to have an ongoing business plan and a marketing budget can provide a guide to ensure you are staying on target.
  1. Forgetting about Mobiles
    By now you should know that having a mobile friendly website is a must and if you are one of the few businesses without one, you are missing out on many opportunities. Firstly, mobile users are rapidly surpassing desktop users at an increasing rate, and secondly, Google favours mobile friendly websites which will affect your SEO ranking.
  1. Treating all your customers the same
    Segmenting your customers and personalising your marketing approaches are powerful ways to target your customers and clients who are at different stages of your sales lifecycle. Not all of your customers are the same and will respond differently to various tactics and channels. It is important to analyse your customer’s interests and adjust your marketing efforts for a greater chance at improving their loyalty.
  1. Being anti-social on social media
    Remember that social media is a place for engagement with your audience rather than simply broadcasting your brand’s message. Responding to your messages, sharing your thoughts and answering questions will help to improve your customer’s experience with your business and build relationships with your clients.
  1. Ignoring Analytics
    Not tracking your results means you won’t know which marketing tactics are working for your business and which are wasting your time. Use Google Analytics to make sure the time and effort you spend on your campaigns are worth it, and use the data to continue to improve your results.
  1. Having High Expectations
    Marketing takes time; don’t expect your social media following or your blog traffic to take off straight away. Stay realistic about your marketing goals and focus on gradual improvements, rather than overnight success.

A successful marketing plan is impossible unless these marketing mistakes are avoided. Here at Clarity Marketing & Communications, our team of skilled professionals have the expertise to successfully take care of all your marketing needs from strategic planning and corporate identity to online marketing and website development. Contact us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.