Tips for Designing your Business Logo in 2016

Business logos aren’t just a bunch of colours, graphics and fonts put together, they help shape a brand’s identity and are imperative in a competitive marketplace. As more businesses invest in powerful logo design, it is important to invest in strategic planning and artistic input when designing your business logo. Here are some tips for designing your business logo in 2016.

A busy logo with complex symbols and too much detail will make it difficult to identify and confuse your clients. Only include features that relate to your business values and strip it down to the basics to leave a strong impression.

Ideally, you want your logo to be unique and stand the test of time rather than follow current design trends. As styles and trends are always changing, a classic and timeless logo with a minimalistic design is the most effective and will ensure you won’t feel the need to change your logo in the near future.

However, if you wish to design a trendy logo for a younger target audience, some rising logo trends feature hand written lettering and calligraphy, the use of multi-lines, minimalistic designs with negative space, typography and colour gradients showing dimension.

Designing the right logo can ensure you make a lasting impression on your clients and customers and influence buyers. Sharp colours, unique graphics and strong branding are features of a successful, eye-catching logo.

Your logo will appear and be used on many different platforms, materials and locations meaning it must be versatile. It should still be recognisable no matter what colour scheme it is seen in, especially black and white, and be designed to be effective in any size, on any surface.

If you have a diverse target audience, flexibility and adaptability can help with the long term success of your business and its logo. Ensure it is tailored to appeal to your audience and is appropriate for your business and what it stands for.

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