Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Marketers spend a significant amount of time deciding on marketing approaches to grow their business, traditional marketing techniques, which we have relied on for decades and digital marketing tools, which are rapidly growing with high success rates. But which marketing method is better for your business?

Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing involves advertisements and promotions without using digital means such as billboards, radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Communication methods are understood by every customer and information is provided in hope that audiences take action.


  • As traditional marketing tools have been around for quite a while, audiences have become accustomed to each method
  • Your target audience can have hard copies of your marketing materials so they are always reminded of your message and can read through them at any time
  • Traditional marketing channels such as television and radio are effective ways to market to older generations who don’t use technology often
  • Methods such as television advertisements are effective on a large scale and can rapidly increase brand exposure


  • In some circumstances, traditional marketing techniques cannot be measured at all or are very difficult to measure
  • Print materials and radio advertisements are very costly
  • Most methods don’t involve any interaction, just simply information distribution

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is constantly evolving and related to inbound marketing. There are many channels involved such as social media, emails, search engines, anything in the digital world and is an excellent way to obtain direct feedback and interact with your customers.


  • Digital marketing is cost effective and advertising expenses are significantly lower than traditional techniques
  • Digital marketing is in favour due to the rise of the digital age
  • You are able to reach a global and unlimited audience
  • It is easy to measure and track the success rate of digital media as data is simply recorded from tools such as Google Analytics which can measure specific goals
  • You have access to real time results meaning you are able to respond to feedback, build relationships and refine your strategy instantaneously


  • Busy individuals and older generations who don’t use technology very often will not be reached
  • Some methods can take a long period of time to see successful results such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are very different tools used to reach your audience. There is no right or wrong method, use the one that works best for your business and is relevant to your audience. For many businesses, combining both approaches and mixing elements will create the most effective marketing campaign.

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