3 ways to stay on top of your digital marketing

Digital marketing is the way of the future. We are constantly hearing about all the new technology and as business owners need to keep abreast with this. But how do you keep up in a fast, ever changing environment? Below are some helpful tips to keep your business in the digital marketing game.

Use Free Analytics
Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and one of the results of this, is that we can gain analytics and insights into almost anything online. By installing certain code into the backend of your websites and programs, you can track your customers’ behaviors in relation to your website, social media profiles, apps, and digital newsletters or emails. This is great because you can literally track everything. If you want to find out how many people are arriving at the home page of your website by clicking a button in your e-newlsetter you can! The problem with this is that not enough people are utilising or even understanding this data. If you have ever looked into a Google Analytics account, you will know that it can be extremely overwhelming; this is where many people get discouraged and miss out on hundreds of useful customer insights. You can overcome this by sending yourself or the person in charge of your marketing on a short course. Here you will learn how to understand and analyse all the statistics you receive about your digital marketing efforts. If you do not have the budget or time to take part in a course and analyse statistics, consider outsourcing to a company who will provide monthly snapshots or dashboards of your digital activity and suggestions about actions to take regarding it.

Another problem when it comes to digital marketing is the budget allocated to it. We’re not suggesting that you increase your marketing budget by thousands of dollars; you just need to distribute your current marketing budget efficiently. Digital marketing is becoming more and more popular and your marketing budget needs to reflect that. Revise your budget and assess the areas where you may be able to cut some of the budget and re-allocate to digital marketing.

Create a Digital Plan
Keeping a cohesive image across all digital marketing can be a challenge for many people. One way to overcome this issue is to create a digital marketing schedule and stick to it! In the schedule, outline what you are going to post and upload on what day. Make sure that if you post something to Instagram, also post it to Facebook. There are apps to make this easier. For example if you link your Instagram and Facebook account, when you post on Instagram and hit the ‘Share’ button, the picture will automatically be posted to Facebook. You also have to remember that anything you send out in your e-newsletters should be posted on social media sites and your blog or website. If you are holding a special event or competition, consider having that on your website too as a banner and also include in your email signatures. Another thing you can do is to make sure you always have your brand image in mind when coming up with digital marketing ideas. Try to keep in line with company colours and theme on all profiles, websites and emails.

As you can see, it is not hard to keep up with the ever changing digital marketing environment. You just have to make a plan, stick to it and analyse your results.

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