Understanding Customer Behaviour

Understanding customer behavior is vital to every business. If you understand your customers’ behaviour and preferences, you will be able to better serve them and keep them coming back for more. The problem is, there is so much data available to us and it can sometimes be overwhelming, which makes it hard to correctly identify customer behavior patterns. Here are some tips to understanding your customers’ behavior.

When analysing data on your customers’ behavior, try breaking it up into groups. These groups could be by age, amount of money spent, or how long they have been a customer of yours for. What you are trying to achieve will determine which groups you use. If you were trying to determine which age group is most valuable to your business, you would cut out all unnecessary data. First separate the data by age, and then calculate how much each age group has spent each month over the past twelve months.

There are other ways to understand your customers without dealing with large lots of data. You can put yourself in your customers shoes to help identify potential complaints or areas for potential disappointment. Start by looking at every way that a customer interacts with your business. This means phone calls, meetings, deliveries and your website. Are your phones ringing off the hook, are your meetings on time, deliveries arriving unbroken and is your website easy to navigate? If you can spot any potential problems, you will be able to fix them, or possibly understand why some customers are losing interest or dropping off after a certain interaction with your company.

The best way to understand customer behavior is to ask them what they think. Ask your clients to fill out a survey, this will make them feel valued and that their opinions can be heard, and will give you valuable insights into your client base. You can use websites such as Survey Monkey to build surveys online, and email them to your customers. Websites like this collect all of your data online so there in no extra data entry for you, and shows you charts and graphs for each question in the survey.

Every business needs to aim to understand its current clients in order to keep them happy and keep them as repeat customers. The best way to understand your customers is by analysing data correctly, identifying problems and asking for your customers opinions.

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