Checklist: What to do Before and After Posting a Blog

If you are serious about blogging and see it as a valuable investment in your business, you will want to improve your blog writing for efficiency and accuracy. A checklist for blog posting will streamline your writing process and save you a lot of time, ensuring you don’t forget anything important before pressing the ‘Publish’ button. Here is a checklist of what not to forget when posting a blog, before and after publishing.

Before Publishing:

  1. Check your Post Title
    Is your blog post title catchy and appealing to your target audience? This is one of the most important parts of blog writing. Ensure your blog headline includes keywords, is persuasive enough to encourage click throughs, and targets your audience.
  2. Divide your article with Headings
    Large bunches of text are hard to take in so ensure your paragraphs are no more than 5-6 lines by breaking up your text with larger headlines.
  3. Link to Past Posts
    Check that you have included links to related blog articles you have written in the past. This will further educate your reader, provide additional information about the topic and keep them on your website for longer.
  4. Add SEO Friendly Images
    SEO is a complete must when blog writing, this includes images. Downloading an SEO plugin will make it easier to check each component. Add ‘alt text’ to your images, change the title to include keywords and choose an appropriate file size for fast downloading.
  5. Proofread more than once
    Try to proofread your article multiple times at different times of the day or on a fresh new day. Ideally getting another person to proofread can help you find any minor mistakes you may not have picked up on.

After Publishing:

  1. Share your Post to Social Media
    Using scheduling software will make this an easy and fast step. Schedule posts at times where you know you get the most engagement for each platform.
  2. Pin your Blog Image to Pinterest
    As you have already added an alt tag in your image, this will automatically be added to your description when pinning from your blog post.
  3. Re-share your Post
    Some social media feeds such as Twitter and Pinterest move very fast and your posts may not be seen by your audience, especially in different time zones. Re-pin your image a few weeks later and schedule your ‘tweet’ with a variety of captions over the next few days will increase your reach.
  4. Respond to Comments
    Spend time and effort in responding to your comments to grow a relationship with your readers and encourage them to come back to your website.
  5. Check Analytics
    About a month after you have published your blogs, check Google Analytics to see how they performed and determine which received the most page views. Use this information to further improve your blog topics.

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