9 Tips for using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a valuable marketing tool which many brands use to their advantage. Food companies pin recipes using their products, fitness brands feature health and workout guides and home décor businesses create DIY design pins. With 93% of pinners using Pinterest to plan or make purchases (Source: Millward Brown), it is important now more than ever for your business to take advantage of this powerful platform. Here are 9 tips for launching your business on Pinterest.

  1. Set up your Pinterest Buttons
    To make the most out of Pinterest for your business, ensure you take the time to set up your account properly. Verify your website, add your logos, set up your ‘Pin It’ buttons and add a follow button on your website homepage.
  2. Create Sharable Pins
    Be sure to make your photos shareable on Pinterest by using high-quality images with minimal text that are mobile-friendly to improve user experience. Tools such as Canva and Picmonkey can help you to add creativity to your Pins.
  3. Go Vertical
    As vertical Pins take up more space on Pinterest feeds, they stand out more and therefore perform better. They also look better on mobile screens. Be sure to pay attention to your image ratio and stack images together for a longer Pin.
  4. Increase Variety in your Pins
    If you want your business to be noticed on Pinterest, have a balance of your own original content and Pins from other people’s boards. You want to create an interesting page that your ideal audience would naturally browse and follow.
  5. Consider SEO
    SEO also matters on Pinterest, so set up your Pins to get noticed. Don’t forget to use keyword rich captions including your business name and ensure your own original Pins link back to your website to increase referral traffic.
  6. Schedule your Pins
    There are many scheduling softwares available you can use to schedule your Pins throughout the day to maintain your presence and ensure your content is seen and shared by your target audience.
  7. Optimise your Website
    Your website is most likely full of content that can be pinned. Ensure your images follow Pinterest guidelines in regards to pixels and resolutions to make it easy for people to add Pins from your website and increase traffic from Pinterest.
  8. Research and Measure
    Pinterest offers a free analytics page you can use to measure views, impressions and engagement. Consistently measuring your Pinterest activity will help your business to identify popular content that has the best engagement with your target audience.
  9. Look to the Future
    With ‘Buyable Pins’ now released, allowing you to buy products directly from Pinterest, who knows what new functions and improvements Pinterest will announce in the future to help e-commerce businesses grow.

Pinterest engagement is a powerful tool for marketing your business. Here at Clarity Marketing and Communications we specialise in the implementation of a range of online marketing and social media initiatives including Pinterest. If you would like to learn more about how social media marketing can help your business or how to integrate it into your marketing strategy, contact us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.