Benefits of Optimising Old Blog Posts

Marketers are always looking for new ways to improve websites for SEO purposes. According to HubSpot, historical optimization is the critical blogging tactic of refreshing old blog content to generate more traffic. Old blog posts are assets to your website and can still generate traffic years down the track so revising them for new readers will make them relevant and increase engagement. Read on to find out why you should optimise old blog posts and bring new life to your old content.

Picking the Best Content to Revise
Identify old blog posts which are still relevant and useful to your audience and optimise them so they are fresh and up to date. Take to Google Analytics to find your first blog post to improve, one that already gets a lot of visits. Sort through your top performing archived posts to find one that has the potential for beneficial results, which could be from a couple of months ago or even years.

Optimising to Retain your Visitors
Google as well as readers favour fresh content. As your knowledge grows, Google updates occur and technology improves, going back to update old content and properly optimise blog posts will help you grow traffic and retain your existing readers. HubSpot have doubled the number of monthly organic search views on posts they have optimised. Add more timeless content, relevant links to new blog posts and new (SEO optimised) graphics to improve readability and quality.

Resharing Optimised Posts
As businesses know the importance of content marketing, there are more and more posts online and therefore increased competition for your content to be found online. Your old content gets pushed aside and some of your best posts may get lost in your archives and may not be seen by your target audience. Resharing and promoting some of your best repurposed blog posts to your social media will help to increase the level of engagement from visitors.

Remember, optimising old blog posts to increase traffic should only be a small section of your overall blogging strategy, not only part. To find out more about how great blogging can be for your small business or advice on improving your blogging strategy, give our online marketing team at Clarity Marketing a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.