Small Business Marketing on a Budget

Large businesses and big brands can drop thousands of dollars on advertising but for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses with a limited budget, every dollar counts. Ditch traditional marketing approaches and forget the idea that you need a large marketing budget to succeed. Here’s how to get the most value from your marketing efforts on a small budget.

  1. Research your Market
    Before you start any campaign, the more time you can invest in identifying and researching your target audience, the more focused and successful your efforts will be. There is no point investing money on reaching out to audiences who are not likely to convert or be interested in your brand.
  2. Build a List
    Use your customers as your best marketing tool by regularly interacting with them via an email marketing list. Email marketing is cost effective, a great way to keep new customers engaged and is a preferred channel for brand communication.
  3. Be Strategically Social
    Social media offers real-time marketing capabilities and opportunities to engage within the community. Social media content from your customers creates cultivating social proof that you can share with potential clients. Social media also offers cost effective advertising options. As you have now thoroughly researched your market you can strategically invest in sponsored posts with a low budget on platforms where your target audience hangs out the most.
  4. Publish Great Content
    Integrate a blogging platform such as WordPress and create engaging content that your target audience will learn from. The importance of content marketing is critical so start with some simple posts like top 10 lists, industry tips and best practices and stick to a schedule. Kick-start your small business blog with these blogging tips.
  5. Create Videos
    It is not always necessary to hire a professional to produce quality videos, you can still create effective videos in-house and on a budget. Video content is valuable and a great way to describe your products or services to your customers. You can even use your smartphone to create short videos and tutorials to publish on your social media channels.
  6. Run Online Competitions
    Online contests can help you build an email marketing list, increase your social media followings and encourage your customers to tell their friends about your business. Competitions will empower consumers to do your marketing for you and you can run them on a small budget on your social media channels with a few prizes.

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