How to use Large Business Marketing Tactics on a Small Business Budget

If you’re a small business owner you may have always imagined what you would do with a large business marketing budget. Although your budget may not allow you to sponsor a large event or display your brand at the football grand final like large businesses, does not mean you can’t use the same marketing practices. Small businesses have other hidden benefits – access to local events and communities which they can use to their advantage. Read on to find out how to convert the marketing campaigns of large businesses into a small business scale.

Real Time Marketing
Do you ever notice how large brands always seem to associate their marketing efforts with current, real time events? It is very easy to follow the same tactic with a small business. Real-time marketing is made easy by social media where you can communicate with audiences about current events and receive an instant response. Emerging trends on social media can be taken on by any sized company, achieving effective results by putting a creative spin on a relevant campaign.

Strategic Branding
Successful large brands associate their image with shareable and engaging media channels. A small business can adopt a similar strategy by sponsoring a local community event or charity with the right target audience. This way you can instantaneously promote localization and attract publicity without breaking the bank.

Publishing Relevant Content
There’s no reason that a small businesses with a creative team can’t create engaging content that results in great exposure. Creating your own infographic is an effective way to drive traffic to your website as they are very powerful marketing tools that people love to share. Visual content that contains relevant search terms relating to your industry increases your chances of building brand awareness.

Promote your Expertise
Big brands constantly market themselves as the best and brightest in their industry. Small businesses can easily demonstrate their expertise in their field without a large database by using effective branding. Creating educational materials, tutorials and guides using blogs and videos or presenting demonstrations at local events and classes can help to convert potential customers. Flaunting your industry experience in a creative way can be just as effective on a small budget.

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