4 Ways to use Social Media in PR

Are you wondering how you can incorporate social media in your public relations strategy? It is clear that social media has drastically changed the PR world and is an important tool used to interact and connect with clients and customers. Instead of sending out press releases and waiting for the media to publish your story, businesses will get a better response by sharing their stories via social media. Here are four ways to significantly enhance your public relations using social media.

  1. Social Sharing
    If you wish to write a press release, a more ideal way to extend your message is via social media. Journalists heavily rely on social media to research and source stories. Remember to be newsworthy and blog your take on recent news or relevant updates with an established hashtag so journalists can find your brand. Make every story visual and social so followers are more likely to pin, tweet, like and share your post.
  2. Social Campaigns
    Social media allows you to track, monitor and manage fans and followers to calculate return on investment for a campaign. Tracking online campaigns allow you to see which marketing efforts are the most effective and result in the most click throughs to your website. As social media drives authenticity and has the potential to build brand loyalty, your business’ story is more powerful when told through the right social channel.
  3. Social Influencers
    Online influencers such as bloggers who have a large following on their social media accounts remain a powerful resource for many brands. As many bloggers write about very specific and niche topics, they can often precisely target your ideal audience. A highly influential individual will have a strong group of active and engaged follower on their blog, Instagram and/or Twitter accounts and can be used to promote your brand to a large audience.
  4. Real Time Communication
    With the access everyone has to social media, you can interact directly with your target audience and watch how fast digital words can spread. You can offer expert advice and opinions in real time, a prime way for your business to highlight your industry knowledge and make an immediate impact on your audience. Social media is highly ideal for communicating your ideas directly to the media or bloggers who may share your post rather than waiting around for a press release to be published.

Establishing rapport and raising and maintaining an organisation’s public profile is an essential component of all marketing and communication strategies. Here at Clarity Marketing & Communication we can make sure your company is supplied with a wealth of advice on public relations. Our experienced team will ensure your public profile is well managed and has a positive impact on your business. For further information on what Clarity has to offer, give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.