Why you Shouldn’t Overlook Google+ for your Business

With Google’s search algorithms constantly evolving and becoming more involved with social media, it is important that you are giving your business the best chance to be noticed by Google. Google+ may not be everyone’s favourite social media platform but it should not be underestimated – it has over 300 million active users. It continues to be a growth market for SEO and offers significant benefits for many businesses. Find out how to make the most of your Google+ business page and increase your website’s reach.

Cross-Platform Integration
Google owns many platforms and apps such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Hangouts which have a high usage rate – YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world. Connecting your Google+ account with your YouTube account will mean content will be featured prominently on each other’s platforms and increase your reach. Google+ can also help your business maintain a strong presence and increase local search using features such as Google Maps and Google ‘My Business’ for local pages.

Boost your Search Rank
Google immediately indexes everything you post on your Google+ page which will directly benefit your SEO campaigns. Share your content to your business Google+ page to increase your chances of obtaining a high search rank. Getting plus 1s on Google+ will also help to boost your ranking, and means you will show up higher in personalised search results of people who have your business in their Google circles.

Stronger Audience Internationally
According to Social Media Examiner, Google+ has a stronger audience internationally with 80% of internet users in India having a Google+ account and similar numbers in Thailand, Mexico and South Africa – only 60% in the US. Use your business Google+ page to increase your reach all over the world and stay in the spotlight.

Embedded Posts
Use embedded posts to extend the life of your content. You can embed your Google+ posts directly on your website which include conversations in the comments section which will bring many benefits and more engagement to your content.

Utilise your business Google+ page to develop a loyal audience as it is an essential platform with great SEO benefits. If you’d like assistance with creating a Google+ account or maintaining an online presence for your business contact the online marketing team at Clarity Marketing and Communication on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.