How to Leverage Google+ for SEO

With the number of people interacting socially with Google products increasing, having a Google+ page is a big part of social signals in search. Google+ dominates search results above all other social platforms so it is no secret that having a Google+ page for your business will increase Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) effectiveness. Find out how to make the most of your Google+ page to improve your SEO.

Profile Information
Ensure you fill out all of the information for your Google+ profile including photos and pages and link to other social profiles. This will make it easier for Google to determine what your page is about and will be more likely to prioritise your page in search results.

Google uses hashtags in different ways to Facebook and Twitter, they are used to form relationships between related topics. By default Google will add hashtags to a post on Google+ with sufficient text. As Google continues to integrate all of its products, Google+ hashtags are incorporated into Google search results. As people can search hashtags on Google to find Google+ content, using relevant hashtags in your posts will undoubtedly improve your SEO.

Smart Sharing
Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ offers a notification system where you can trigger an alert when you share a post. Sharing notifications can greatly influence the amount of engagement on a post and create maximum exposure by adding your circles to your share settings. Be careful not to share too many posts to your circles as your notifications may become spammy.

Google+ posts are formatted like small blog posts and headlines can be added. Use this feature to your advantage and increase the likeliness of your Google+ post being found on Google. The right headline with relevant keywords can help your post rank higher in Google’s search results, increasing the number of people who click through to your content.

Make your text posts easy to read by formatting your content. Bold headlines, italicise important sentences and use numbered lists and bullet points to make your post stand out. Instead of simply embedding a link to your blog post, don’t be afraid to add a summary of key points giving readers a reason to click through to your website. Use images for increased shareability, ensuring they are sized appropriately.

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