How to Create Content Google Loves

If your business invests a lot of resources into content creation, you want it to rank highly on search results pages and drive quality traffic to your website. Google puts a focus on quality content as a high ranking factor in their SERPs but the meaning of ‘quality’ is ever changing as they revise new updates to their algorithms. Here are some tips on how to improve your content marketing strategy and use practices that Google loves.

Less is not more
There are many general best practices that are known to increase your ranking on Google including posting content regularly. The more quality content posted, the stronger your online presence will be, whether it is on your blog or social media channels. Longer posts are also likely preferred than shorter articles.

Showcase your expertise
Try and become an authority in your market by posting about relevant and trending topics regularly. Ask yourself what your potential customers would want to know and consider this in addition to keyword research on Google’s keyword planner. Be sure to do your research, backing your information with facts so your posts are credible. Generating content your customers will value such as informative tips and tricks will keep your readers coming back for more, increasing your credibility and improving your SEO success.

Improve user experience
Optimise your content for user satisfaction by creating posts that use high-quality images and a visually appealing layout. Break up paragraphs with dot points and numbered lists to make them user friendly. Headings and subheadings can help to reduce your bounce rate as it will make it easier for readers to locate relevant information and navigate through your website. Always write for your audience’s interests first then Google second.

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