7 Reasons why your Small Business needs a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is critical for every enterprise and means knowing your business, what it is you want to achieve through marketing efforts and devising a method to achieve this. Here are 7 reasons why your small business needs a marketing plan.

  1. Keeps your organisation on the same page
    In order for your business to perform at its best, it is vital for each employee to be on top of what is happening in all aspects of the business. Marketing activities can affect all areas of the business and communicating your marketing plan will create a stronger team unity.
  1. Ensures you meet your business goals
    A marketing plan will keep your employees in sight of the future of your business and will help to avoid missed opportunities. A sound plan will help your team to work together to achieve your business goals.
  1. Find out what makes your business unique
    An essential part of a marketing plan is devising activities to build your brand. The research will allow you to find your strengths and unique selling point/s which will build the foundation of your business.
  1. Enables clear decision making
    Having a marketing plan will prevent you from making poor choices and impulse decisions as you will be able to monitor all current and future activities. Writing a marketing plan will force you to establish important marketing decisions regarding objectives, timeframes and budgets in advance.
  1. Helps to control business finances
    Creating a marketing plan with a budget can help your business to avoid any financial setbacks, provide direction for the future and simplify business decisions. A budget will help your business save valuable resources like time and money in the long run.
  1. Makes it easier to evaluate new opportunities to improve
    Set marketing goals and defined strategies for reaching these goals will encourage you to be proactive in your marketing efforts and will give you criteria to evaluate new opportunities that arise.
  1. Keeps you focused and in control
    As a marketing plan will help you devise activities which work towards your business goals, it allows you to monitor the overall company performance which will keep you in control and on track.

Here at Clarity Marketing & Communications we specialise in the creation and implementation of marketing strategies. Based on a thorough understanding of your business and an examination of the market your product resides in, Clarity Marketing can develop a targeted marketing and communications strategy and extensive plan to develop your business. Contact us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.