Simple ways to grow your Facebook Audience

Social media pages such as Facebook are crucial for businesses to market themselves and extend brand awareness. It can be hard to increase your audience and engage your fans without paying for promoted posts and listings, however, here are some simple ways to grow your Facebook audience and encourage likes.

Add a Facebook link in email signatures
Personalised email signatures are a simple way to promote your Facebook page and encourage potential customers, regular customers, colleagues and other contacts you email regularly to visit your page. Be sure to include your website link as well as your Facebook link that includes a call to action such as ‘Like us on Facebook’.

Provide a Facebook like button on your website
People who regularly visit your website are very likely to ‘like’ your Facebook page as they are already interested in your brand. Add a Facebook ‘Like’ button to the header or sidebar of your website which allows visitors to easily like the page without leaving your site. It is also a great idea to add a button on pages that appear after a user completes a lead form or subscribes to a mailing list.

Share your Facebook page on other social platforms
If you have a larger following on your other business or personal social media channels, it doesn’t do any harm to promote your Facebook page on these platforms to encourage fans to connect with your business in other ways.

Show your personality
Adding a personal touch to your business’ Facebook posts can help differentiate your company from other small businesses in the same market. Don’t be afraid to share behind the scenes photos of your business like how the products are made, staff events or even customer’s photos to keep your audience interested.

Be responsive
It is important to respond to customers quickly and efficiently on social media as they may have questions or complaints about your products or services. Facebook now displays how responsive your business page is in writing back to private messages from customers. Your response rate metric is displayed publicly on the left side bar of your page and is an indication of how interactive you are with your Facebook fans. Ensuring you are being responsive also applies to your public posts on your page as responding to comments quickly will increase your engagement.

Facebook is a great tool for any business when used properly. If you need help with your business Facebook page or any other social media marketing, Clarity Marketing & Communications can help. Give us a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.