How to increase your reach on Facebook

Facebook can be great for your business; it’s easy to use, cost effective and is the way of the future. Everyone is on social media now and your business needs to be too, but what has been happening lately, is that businesses reach have been decreasing. You need to make sure you are utilising all aspects on Facebook in order to increase your reach. Here are some helpful tips to help your business on Facebook.

  • Tagging – You can increase your reach by tagging other pages. This means that the post will appear in the news feed of your fans and the fans of the business or person you tagged. You could tag your client (with their permission of course) about recent work you completed for them, or you could tag a supplier.
  • Get Talking – Facebook rewards comments over likes and shares. In order to increase your reach, you need to increase your discussions and get people talking! If someone comments on your post, their friends will see their comment on your post as well as the fans you already have. This can sometimes be hard to do, but just start by posting a question or discussion topic every week. Think about what your fans are interested in, even if it is not directly related to your business service or products, it will keep the fans interested, build a stronger relationship with your clients and increase your reach.
  • Target Emotions – People like to share and engage with emotional content. Humour, anger and awe-inspiring content is good for producing high arousing emotions. This could mean a post about your community, or a funny photo to brighten up your fans days.
  • Poll Your Fans – Polling not only increases engagement by way of comments, but also provides valuable insights into your fans interests and preferences. This information can be used to test which product will sell better, and help you determine your marketing budget allocation.
  • Photos and Links – Every Facebook page needs photos, but you also need links. In your posts, ensure you are linking to quality content that is relevant to your business and your Facebook Fans. A quality link is ranked higher in Facebook and will be seen by more people. A good idea is to keep posting photos, but accompany them with a link. For example a photo of a fitness company’s latest boot camp session, could be posted with a link to the boot camp sign up page or gallery. Also remember that people don’t want to feel as though they are being sold to on Facebook. When posting product photos, try to post photos that are visually appealing and interesting while still displaying your product.

Facebook is a great tool for any business when used properly. Try out these helpful tips to help increase your reach on Facebook, you’ll be surprised at the impact a little change can make.

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