Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

Many companies have great online marketing, and great offline marketing, but the trick is integrating them together. You could have a great website and a well thought out and planned print campaign, but both of these are inhibited if they are not combined together. Below are some quick ways you can link your online and offline marketing.

1. Linking Call to Action
All of your advertisements should have a call to action; a task that you want the viewer to complete. This can either be to call you, email you, visit your website or social media etc. If your call to action directs the viewer to any online platform, then you need to make sure that both your offline ad and online platform convey the same message. This can be done through design.

2. Linking Design
Make sure you always use the same colours and logo style across all platforms. On your social media pages, make sure that any backgrounds or profile pictures are the same across all profiles. Make sure the advertisement is designed in a way which reflects the look and feel of your website. A good idea is to create a landing page. This not only makes it easy for you to monitor the success of the advertisement, but it means that you can include a shorter unique URL in the ad to make it easier for the reader to remember and type into their browser. This also means that you can have tailored information on the landing page, targeting the type of viewer reading your advertisement.

3. Linking Events
Another great way to get your online and offline marketing working together is to start mobile check-ins or hashtags for your business or event. This is social media based, and gets your customers interacting with your company online, while attending your store or event offline. Social media is the way of the future and every business needs to harness it’s potential. By having hastags or check-ins for your business, you will build a stronger relationship with your customers and create an online persona and your business becomes more approachable.

4. Linking Rewards
You could also make sure that your customers are aware of any digital reward or review sites your business may be on such as Eatability or Foursquare. For example a restaurant could have an advertisement on coasters or on the bill asking the customers to get online and rate their experience. This is another way to interact with your customers after their experience with your business. This not only keeps your company top of mind, but lets your customers know that their opinion can be heard.

If you need help integrating your businesses online and offline marketing efforts, give Clarity Marketing a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry to harness your full marketing potential.


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