How to come up with great Blog Post ideas

For many businesses, blogging is a regular part of their online marketing strategy. Posting blogs frequently will help your website get indexed more often by Google so you are more likely to rank higher in search results and increase traffic to your site. When you are frequently generating content and writing consistently every week, it can start to become difficult to brainstorm appealing blog post ideas which engage your audience. Here are some strategies for effectively developing ideas for your business blog posts.

Look at what’s trending
A great way to come up with a relevant blog topic idea is to write a post about a recent news story or an upcoming topic in your industry. Find out what people are talking about online in your industry through social media and news blogs. Keep your readers up to date with the latest industry news while adding your fresh perspective and knowledge.

Use your Expertise
What topics do your clients or customers regularly ask you about? These questions can be inspiration for a great blog post which will educate your readers and demonstrate your expertise in your industry. You know there is a demand for the information so the blog topic is more likely to be engaging for your audience. Rely on your expertise and think about how you can convey your knowledge to readers who may not be in your industry.

Change the Scope
Take a look at your most successful blogs and try giving them a twist. Think about changing the scope of the topic from something broad to something specific, changing the timeframe or turning it into a negative viewpoint. Build on your previous topic by adding different elements and updated knowledge you have gained since you wrote the initial post. Checklists, infographics, white pages, interviews and guides are great content forms which can put a new spin on an original idea.

Generating leads, building authority and driving traffic to your website are just some of the many valuable benefits to writing a blog for your business. If you need help creating great content for your business blog, give our experienced marketers at Clarity Marketing and Communication a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.