Blogging Tips

Writing regular online articles relating to your business field demonstrates your expertise and shows customers that you can solve their problem. Effective blogging gives your business a personality and including helpful strategies, expert advice and interesting posts will keep your customers coming back to your website, generating leads. Find out how to make the most of blogging for your business.

  • Commit to a Schedule
    It is important to create a realistic and manageable schedule for your blog. Set out a plan of when you are going to post and commit to it so your regular readers will know when to expect another article.
  • Create a Blog Topic Timeline
    Keep track of your blog topics in a timeline documenting when you are going to post them. If you think of alternative blog topics while writing, add them to the list for the future to avoid researching a topic at the last minute.
  • Write your Content in Advance
    To avoid stress and rushing your writing, be sure to write your blog articles in advance as the best content evolves over time.
  • Post Relevant Content
    Know your target audience and ensure your blog articles are helpful and serve the needs of your readers. Posting interesting content and helpful strategies will keep your readers interested and ensure they come back for more. Remember, your posts should demonstrate your expertise in your field as your blog is a point of research for potential customers.
  • Use Subheadings
    Writing with strong subheadings help readers to quickly scan your article for the most relevant information. Tailor your blog articles to fit their needs by making it easier for them to read and understand.
  • Encourage Interaction
    Ensure your blog is open for comments and utilises sharing tools for popular social media platforms. Invite readers to leave comments each time you post and make sure you reply to them, encouraging conversation and developing a relationship with your readers. Monitor your feedback in order to keep improving your content and keep your readers engaged.
  • Promote your Blog
    Promote your blog via social media just as you would for your website. Your blog is the centre of your social media presence and your social media posts should announce the upload of a new blog article. Share your URL on your website, emails, business cards and advertisements in order to build up an audience.

Generating leads, building authority and driving traffic to your website are just some of the many valuable benefits to writing a blog for your business. If you need help creating great content for your business blog, give our experienced marketers at Clarity Marketing and Communication a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.


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