5 Ways to Improve your Email Click-Through-Rate

Email marketing allows you to speak to your consumers on a more personal level, in their inbox, a place where they frequently visit. However, when inboxes are crowded with hundreds of junk email flooding through, odds are that your emails won’t receive any attention. If you have been focusing on your business’ email marketing strategy and haven’t been happy with your click-through-rate (CTR), here are 5 ways to get your email to stand out from the others and increase your clicks.

1. Shorten your Subject Line
Cut your titles short so they don’t get cut off in inboxes and are easier for your audience to digest. A general rule of thumb for email subject lines is keeping it short and eye-catching at a maximum of 50 characters. Mailchimp has found that the ideal length is between 28-39 characters. Use the short space to highlight what your client will gain from opening your email and ensure it appeals to your audience.

2. Test your Subject Lines
Some email marketing services will allow you to conduct A/B testing on your subject lines. Divide your list in half and send a different subject line to each one, tracking the amount of people who open your emails and see which one was more successful. One you have mastered the art of click-worthy subject lines, you can work on the content inside the email in order to increase your CTR.

3. Optimise your Links
It may seem obvious, but make sure you make your links are easily identified as links by underlining and bolding them in the standard blue colour so they stand out. Avoid hiding your links in images and include a clear call to action text link in a html button instead. Ensure you include a link above the fold, the top inch and a half of your email, to grab reader’s attention and convince them to click through early, in case they never scroll down. As most readers scan emails, include a link in or after every text block to increase the opportunity for a user to click.

4. Personalise your Emails
Target your email list by including personalised elements in your emails. Simply tailor emails by including your client’s name in the salutation or include insightful information such as purchase history, download history or website activity allowing you to send relevant offers, receiving more click-throughs.

5. Check the Mobile Version
If you’re not optimising your emails for mobile users, you are missing out on targeting a large audience and the opportunity for more click throughs. Take advantage of the large amount of the population who check their emails on mobile devices.

Use these simple tactics in your email marketing strategy to see your CTR increase and sales grow. If you need help with email marketing for your business, give Clarity Marketing a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.