Why you should Target Customers with Location Based Marketing

Location-based marketing uses targeted strategies to reach customers in a particular geographic area using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Location-based marketing relies on smartphones with internet data and GPS technology to pin-point locations. As marketers have already seen a shift in the way consumers search on devices, they are spending more money on mobile advertising to reach out to customers. Here’s why you should take advantage of the fast growing technology and put a location based marketing plan into place.

Get to know your Consumers
Information about your user’s location can provide valuable insights about your existing customers. Data collection from location-based marketing enables you to find out how many people check in to a certain area or certain stores to assess the success of your campaign and monitor local patterns. Data collection means you personalise mobile experiences and enhance in-store experiences according to user preferences.

Improve your Search Engine Rankings
Many location-based services rank high in search engine results such as Google My Business and Yelp. Sign up your business to location-based services to increase your chances of appearing high up on search results when people type in relevant search terms with your location. Ensure your website is mobile optimised for the large amount of users who use their mobile devices to get directions or look up businesses in their current location.

Create Relevant and Localised Incentives
Location-based marketing allows you to create engaging content to attract new and nearby customers. Timing is everything when implementing a profitable location-based mobile marketing strategy. Create incentives for people who are currently in the local area but haven’t yet made the decision to visit your business or reward loyal customers with a reward point system. Location-based marketing enables you to provide incentives when they matter the most.

Use these simple tactics in your location-based marketing strategy to watch your leads increase and your business grow. If you need help with location based marketing for your business, give Clarity Marketing a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.