5 Critical Business Card Mistakes You Could Be Making

Have you handed out several business cards to prospective clients and never heard back? A well-designed company business card creating a great first impression can mean the difference between someone making an enquiry or throwing your card in the trash.

Are you making any of these critical business card mistakes?

1. Inconsistent Design
As a business card is often the first impression of your business, its design should integrate with your other marketing tools such as your website. You want your business card to be recognised and associated with your business so be consistent with your business design, colours, fonts and logo across all marketing materials.

2. Forgetting Important Contact Information
The main job of a business card is to make it easy for people to get in touch with you or your business. Surprisingly, many companies forget crucial contact information such as email addresses and website urls. These days many people would rather make contact via email and further explore your business services through your website instead of making a phone call.

3. No White Space
There is no need to fill in every inch of your business card with information. A cluttered business card with too much print looks busy and unprofessional. Your client should be able to locate your contact information from a quick glance. White space will help your text appear clearer and readable.

4. Not using the back of the card
If you’re finding it hard to include white space, use the space on both sides of the card to your advantage. Keep vital contact details on the front of the card and information like your tagline or social media channels on the back to maximise your brand’s message.

5. No Social Media Links
Include the URL and icon of your company’s social media profiles to encourage more connections and followers. Ensure to focus on only one or two primary social media channels such as LinkedIn and/or Facebook to avoid overwhelming potential clients with a string of profiles.

Your business card design should enhance the image your business is trying to portray. If you need assistance with developing a strong business card design, Clarity Marketing can help. For more information please call us on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.