How to Avoid a Google Penalty

A Google penalty is when a website is negatively penalised in Google’s search results due to violating their SEO guidelines. Google frequently releases new search algorithms to help display accurate search results focusing on areas such as links, keywords, content and mobile optimisation. It is a must for online marketers to know the latest changes however it can be hard to keep up to date with which tactics can improve or harm your search ranking. Below are 5 smart strategies for avoiding a Google penalty.

  1. Remove Bad Links
    Link building is a great strategy for increasing traffic to your website but only when it is done organically. Conduct a link audit on your site and remove any unnatural or spammy links that aren’t relevant to your website. Proactively removing bad links will save you from frantically cleaning up your website when a new Google update is released. In some cases you may have to contact the website you don’t wish to be linked from and ask for the link to be removed.
  2. Optimise your Website
    Ensure that Google views your website as a brand by making sure it is well designed with an easy navigational structure, contact information and social media account links. Bigger brands tend to get a higher ranking in search results and are more likely to get penalties removed as they are more trusted.
  3. Create Unique and Quality Content
    One of Google’s improved algorithms, the Google Panda update, means that quality content will earn your website a higher search engine ranking. Focus on publishing unique and quality content that your website visitors will genuinely want to read.
  4. Forget Keyword Stuffing
    Spamming your content with keywords (keyword stuffing) can damage your search ranking as it is considered unethical and a violation of Google’s guidelines. The placement of keywords matters more than frequency. Concentrate on publishing valuable content for your viewers while using relevant keywords sparingly.
  5. Diversify your Anchor Text
    Anchor text is the visible clickable text in a hyperlink which can determine the ranking of your website page on Google. While linking internally on your site, don’t focus on the same exact-match anchor text, use more varied and branded text.

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