Client Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a great time to show your clients that you appreciate them and value their business. Client Christmas gifts will keep your business at the top of your client’s minds and help to build a relationship.

What to Give

  • Hampers. Put together a smart gift basket for your most valued clients.
  • Experienced based gifts. Memorable and don’t have to be expensive. Movie vouchers, restaurant gift cards, or tickets to sporting events may be appropriate depending on your client’s preferences.
  • Wine, liquor and food items. Popular as gifts, they can be taken home and enjoyed with friends and family over the holiday season.
  • Christmas Themed Gifts. Send your clients something they can use to decorate their home or workplace this holiday season such as a personalised Christmas decoration or bauble.

Client gift giving allows you to get creative and festive at Christmas however ensure your gift is appropriate to the business relationship you have with your clients, reflects your business’ personality and is presented and wrapped professionally. Choose whether or not to customise your Christmas gift by including your company logo.

Pros and Cons
There are many advantages of corporate gift giving – it will reward clients for their loyalty and allow your company to stand out from the competition. Personalised gifts often show clients that they are appreciated as a person and not just business. Even though client Christmas gifts can sometimes become expensive and may require a great deal of effort to organise, gift wrap and send, it allows your business to celebrate the season of Christmas by giving the gift of giving.

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