How to Improve your Content Marketing Strategy

As it becomes harder and harder for small businesses to stand out from the crowd, a content marketing strategy is increasingly important. Content marketing has many benefits besides lead generation but requires a lot of investment before you will see meaningful results. According to Captora, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create content and 50% of online consumer time is spent engaging in content. Here are some tips on how to improve your content marketing strategy and connect with potential customers.

Create Value
To succeed at content marketing, you must focus on your audience and solving their problems. In today’s fast paced world, you only have a matter of time to make a good impression and as a result, creating posts that stimulate and educate audiences will take your content marketing to new heights. Creating unique content is always an advantage as search engines will reward sites with fresh content – think quality not quantity.

Without an audience, your content marketing strategy won’t work. Content marketing is broken down into two parts, meaning half the work is creation and the other half is promotion. There are many ways to promote a single post; e-newsletters, social media or pitching to influencers or site owners in your industry who may share your content. Encourage your audience to share your copy by including accessible social media share buttons at the end of your posts.

Use Visuals
Remember you are not limited to a text based strategy; find out what media your audience responds to. Make the most of other media platforms such as vlogs (video blogs) or podcasts as communicating your ideas in a different way will appeal to other audiences who connect strongly with visuals rather than written copy. Using images and multi-media files within your posts will keep audience’s attention however, remember to properly edit and size for optimal viewing by web and mobile users.

As measurement is crucial for reaching your business goals, tracking your content’s relevancy and conversion rates against your competitors is vital. Determine your most valuable KPIs (key performance indicators) and measure them. They could be figures such as shares, likes, views or conversions and may be different for every business. That being said, content marketing isn’t a race. Give your content time to gain attraction and deliver meaningful results for your business.

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