Why you must add visual content to the mix

Most of the time, images are more appealing than words, especially on the web. Today’s society is used to expressing themselves through photos on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. They relate to pictures better than words, and we need to address this change in our marketing strategy. High quality images are more important than ever to your business and it’s image.

Images are extremely important to every website. Old graphics and low quality photos can make your website look out of date, which reflects badly on your business. According to Razorfish Digitals Brand experience study, 97% of consumers say that their digital experience influences whether or not they followed through with a purchase from that company. By having bad visual content on your website, you could potentially be sabotaging your other marketing efforts. For example, if you have a really great, modern advertisement on a local bus stop directing people to your website, but when they get to your website, it seems out dated and loses the customers interest. All the time, effort and money spent on your bus stop advertisement is wasted because they are deterred as soon as they see your website.

Another visual marketing technique that all companies need to consider is social media. As I mentioned earlier, sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are becoming more and more popular. These are great tools for your business and are a good way to bring visual content into your marketing strategy. There are many apps that can be installed on your website which allow these social media sites to be integrated with your website. These apps allow you to run competitions across multiple social media sites and through your website, they also integrate whole albums. This means that if you upload a photo to Facebook, it will also upload to your website or other social media profiles.

Good graphics can take a large chunk out of your marketing budget, but they are a worthwhile investment. Having dated visual content could hurt your profits more than you think. To help include visual content in your marketing strategy, update the images on your website regularly and make the most of free social media sites.

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