How to Improve Email Marketing for your Small Business

An effective email marketing campaign will have an engaging headline, appealing design and appropriate schedule but the most effective way to increase conversion rates and grow sales is in your email content. Once you’ve mastered the basics of email marketing, it can be hard to retain your subscriber’s attention with engaging content. Here are 5 simple ways to refresh your email marketing strategy for your small business.

  1. Would you read your own emails? Ensure your emails are relevant to your subscribers. Consumers who are overwhelmed with emails are looking for relevant information based on their interests. Help your subscribers learn more about your services so they can understand the benefits. Targeting their needs will see a difference in your success rate, just be careful to not only talk about your services and ensure you also build a relationship with them.
  2. Show your human side. Your email marketing campaign should not only educate your subscribers about your business, but also show them that you care about their interests and keep them entertained. If your emails look overwhelming and are filled with too much information, subscribers may end up clicking the spam button or unsubscribing altogether. Feel free to use a casual and friendly tone in your emails and collect their first name upon sign up so you can include it in your campaign.
  3. Make it scannable. Subscribers are more than likely skimming through your emails and not reading them word for word. Due to social media, attention spans online have decreased over the years, meaning you have less time to engage your subscribers. Make the most of your emails by bolding important phrases, using bullet points and including subheadings and images to direct your subscribers to the most relevant information.
  4. Create a value proposition. Your subscribers may be reading your emails asking ‘What’s in it for me?’. Align your email campaigns with offers your subscribers are interested in and effectively communicate the value of your email with a clear incentive. Once they find your emails to be a source of valuable information, your subscribers will re-engage with your business and your conversion rate will increase.
  5. Test your content on social media. Once you have revised your email campaign, a great way to find out if your subscribers will be interested in your content is to test it on your social media accounts. The amount of social media engagement can give you an indication of whether your own email database will respond to your content.

Use these simple tactics in your email marketing strategy to see your email list and sales grow. If you need help with email marketing for your business, give Clarity Marketing a call on 1300 060 204 or submit an online enquiry.