5 Reasons to Incorporate Brand Advocates into your Marketing Strategy

Brand advocates are a business’ most loyal and engaged customers who enjoy your product or service and are willing to actively share their positive experience with your brand. As customers seek peer reviews before making a purchase decision, it is important for a small business to have a group of brand advocates to actively promote your product or service and increase word of mouth marketing. Here are some reasons why your small business should incorporate brand advocates into your marketing strategy.

  1. Brand advocates are a low cost marketing strategy that can result in high return. Word of mouth marketing is a very effective marketing tool and brand advocates who are highly satisfied customers, will recommend your brand to their friends and family and influence their opinions. Their recommendations can result in an increase of your company’s profile and a boost in positive reviews.
  2. Loyalty from a brand advocate is longer lasting compared to a paid influencer such as a blogger or celebrity endorser. They are very valuable to a small business as they have a genuine passion for your brand. Building and maintaining a relationship with a brand advocate ensures that they are more willing to share positive information about your brand.
  3. Brand advocates already interact with your business on social media and may also write blog posts about your brand. They love sharing knowledge and will most likely share their positive experience with your business online through social media to help other users make purchase decisions. Their engagement and interaction with your brand online can help increase sales as their social media accounts and blogs are likely to have a much broader audience than your website.
  4. Your business can use their positive experience in a case study or testimonial. Recognise a brand advocate’s value and ask them to convey their genuine passion and enthusiasm for your brand in a testimonial. Testimonials and case studies are very effective as a potential customer is more likely to believe a satisfied customer rather than a company’s sales copy.
  5. Brand advocates can identify improvements for your business or your website. As they are highly satisfied customers and have gone through the decision making process and buying stage themselves, they can offer valuable insights and suggestions for your business in order to help increase sales and improve engagement with potential customers.

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